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FourPL’s Practical and Methodical Approach

FourPL conducted a thorough review of our systems, delivered a viable strategy and presented a robust business case to the board.”  – Stephen Hogg, CFO, Border Express.

A Practical and Methodical Approach

FourPL applies a methodical approach for developing systems strategy, technology roadmaps and business cases. While in engagements we will always follow the prescribed method and approach of the client, the methodology is then used to fill gaps in process or approach and ensure a consistent realisation of the project outcomes.

This approach has matured to the point where some of FourPL’s engagements are to provide coaching services and methodology content to enable the customer’s internal team to deliver the systems strategy, roadmap and business case. A recent example of this approach is Essential Energy in Sydney where FourPL completed a refreshed Systems Strategy and IT Roadmap. We also participated in a number of external market scans. The outcome of these market scans helped to form the basis for the Technology Roadmap.

The approach is based on the theory of Enterprise Architecture and the tools apply an interpretation of the TOGAF framework – in particular the TOGAF Metamodel.

FourPL Strategy Development Methodology

Strategy development methodology

Stage 1 - Where are we now

Stage 1

Firstly, understand strategic priorities, document processes, map systems, understand drivers, validate scope. What are our peers doing, where are software vendors heading?

Stage 2 – Where do we want to be

Stage 2

Based on the information gathered, build up a vision of where we want to go to and what is possible.

Stage 3 - How are we going to get there

Stage 3

Once we have an agreed vision, work out how we get there, options, dependencies.

Stage 4 – Is it worthy of support

stage 4

What benefits are being delivered, when are they realised and how are they linked to any planned projects, changes, initiatives.