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Introducing Phil Challen

Splatt Lawyers Racing would like to welcome  to the 2019 team line up!

Phil is 47 years young and married to Lynne. He’s also a dad, and motor mechanic.

Phil has an amazing turn of speed and is a fantastic team player. He’s the guy you want at the front driving a team time trial down the road.

Phil got into cycling gradually about five years ago when he moved to Australia. He started riding as a way to stay fit and young for his sons. He didn’t think he was very good (“I call ‘BS’ on that!” – Ed) but like all great athletes he pushed through the struggles of getting fit and kept going.

This strategy paid big dividends as now Phil can’t imagine life without a bike in it. Phil joined the Splatt Lawyers team because he is inspired by the teamwork and friendship.

“Now I can’t imagine my life without cycling – it’s given me strength, passion and allowed me to ride with an amazing bunch of like minded humans who inspire, push and encourage each other,” says Phil.

In the food department, Phil is like most athletes – easy to please – give him food, and plenty of it after a tough training session and he’s a happy man.

Welcome to the team , Phil!