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Meet Alisha Wells


FourPL asked Alisha some questions to give us some insight into cycling and what inspires her.


  • How did you first get into riding?

I started my riding through my parents doing triathlons. I competed in triathlons for a few years and then I started seriously focusing on my cycling around June in 2019. I found the real love of cycling when I started training for the Tour of the Tropics, which I did quite well in, and from there I continually focused on my cycling.


  • Why do you like road racing in general?

I like road racing because it’s always FAST and you never know what you’re up against because every race is different, and I guess I just love the feeling of that. I also love the adrenaline feeling I get when I cross the finish line.


  • Why The Women’s Racing Project?

I chose the Women’s Racing Project because they seemed to be a team that had the same potential and focus in women’s cycling that I have… promote and support women’s cycling. The Women’s Racing Project are a team that have no high expectations of anyone, only to support and help you achieve your goals and dreams. This is my first proper team I’ve ever been part of, and I don’t regret any of it.


  • About how many days a week do you ride your bike?

I ride about 5-6 days a week, sometimes twice a day (not very often) and reach about 200kms or more on a good week. I also incorporate swimming and gym in my training to support those other muscles that are crucial for my cycling.


  • If you had to pick a favourite cycling moment, what would it be?

My favourite cycling moment would have to be stepping on the first place podium at the Tour of the Tropics last year. This moment was probably my favourite, as it was my first ever competition I’ve ever competed in that went over 3 days, and I trained so hard for that event. I finished 1st elite female in the overall competition and finished 11th overall in C grade as I had to race against the men.


  • What do you think stands in the way between getting more women onto bikes?

I think the things that stand in the way of women getting onto bikes is, confidence and shame. I believe these things take a big toll on women getting on bikes because I felt the same way, and I know many other women who tell me the same thing. What got me over these issues was to just bite the bullet and get on the bike with a group of people (women) who are feeling the same way as me.


Questions a Non-Cyclists should not ask about Cycling…(by a non-cyclist who’s not very sympathetic to cycling …it’s not their fault they don’t realise how amazing cycling is, yet!)

  • Do you ever wish you were rather in that car overtaking you?

No because what’s the point…

1. Riding your bike is a lot more entertaining than driving a car

2. I will get to the same place as that car, maybe a slower but I’ll still get there


  • Don’t you get bored of riding for hours?

Never! Riding for hours is the best thing! The benefit of riding for hours is you get to take in everything around you and you get to see how lucky you are to live in a beautiful part of the world.


  • Lyrca? Are you serious? Is it really necessary?

Yes it is necessary! Lycra is a lot more streamline than your casual clothes, so less wind resistant. PLUS it’s surprisingly comfortable to ride in and everyone looks good in Lyrca, don’t hide that truth!


  • Do you really need more than one bike?

Yes because what’s there not love when admiring all the fine artwork of your collection of bikes, also it’s fun changing up your training every now and then.


  • Isn’t it uncomfortable sitting on that saddle?

Not if you get a good bike fitting done and a saddle that suits you!

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