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Meet Emma Green

Emma Green

FourPL asked Emma some questions to give us some insight into cycling and what inspires her.


  • How did you first get into riding?

I got into cycling after moving to Rockhampton when I was 11 years old. I had just watched Anna Meares win gold at the 2012 London Olympics. I thought she was phenomenal, did some research and found out she too lived in Rockhampton. So I did a come and try weekend at the velodrome and have been in love ever since.


  • Why do you like road racing in general?

I love road racing as it is super tough on the body and shows who has been training hard. You get to see some really beautiful scenery and get the opportunity to race all over. I have met some really lovely people through the sport also.


  • Why The Women’s Racing Project?

To be a part of a team that understands the importance of supporting and developing women’s cycling is an honour. It’s awesome to be a part of a team that genuinely cares and is so supportive of you and those around you. Being in WRP, I am surrounded by amazing teamies that help me achieve personal goals and will have my back.


  • About how many days a week do you ride your bike?

I cycle 6 days a week, each day is different and targets something different.


  • What advice would you give women who want to start racing?

I would tell women who are keen to start racing to not put any pressure on themselves. Just ride your bike as much as you can and learn from everyone around you. Listen to your body is a big one also!


  • What’s your advice for someone getting into cycling for the very first time?

Don’t buy cheap kit it will make you never want to ride a bike again. Buy two really nice kits and you will be laughing! Comfort is everything.


We ask Emma some questions from a non-cyclist view:


  • Do you ever wish you were rather in that car overtaking you?

Yes, quite often I wish I could go that fast when I’m grovelling on the way home into a headwind after some solid efforts, but then I tell myself I am only going to get stronger from this.


  • Don’t you get bored riding for hours?

Funnily no I don’t. I usually ride with friends and have a laugh and a chat along the way. Or I ride listening to music and checking out the beautiful scenery.


  • Do you really need more than one bike?

I have two bikes but they are for different disciplines. But to be honest I don’t think there is a need for more than one other than that!


  • Isn’t it uncomfortable sitting on the saddle?

I used to struggle with this when I first started riding but then I got a bike fit and found a saddle that feels like heaven. Lucky our team kit is made by the best, Scody.

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