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SAP EWM – Part 1

Key Risks and Challenges Impacting SAP EWM Implementations

(and What to Consider)

1. Not Taking the Time to clean up Master Data

When implementing SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM) it is essential to consider:

  • An independent work stream in your project that concentrates on master data readiness.
  • The time required to prepare data and make the right people available to execute the task.
  • The post-project upkeep of the data; ensuring roles and responsibilities are adjusted so that this becomes a part of doing business on an ongoing basis.
  • Upstream and downstream connected systems such as an internal ERP, partners, suppliers and customers affect the master data you rely on. Establish a plan to monitor exceptions and have a process to rectify them at the source.
  • Enshrine the use of SAP EWM dashboards and alerts to roles and responsibilities who are empowered to keep the data healthy and deal with exceptions promptly.

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