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Linfox Transportation Management Solutions

World first implementation of SAP TM 9.1 solution.

“Partnering with our customers to make business easier is an important part of our philosophy. The FourPL team understand this and deliver a terrific support & service.” 

Andrew Littleford – General Manager, Strategy, Planning and Architecture, Linfox



Linfox Australia is a privately owned contract logistics company. Linfox provides supply chain services and IT solutions to customers to support their business operations. Linfox has a dedicated supply chain solution team including supply chain specialists who deliver solutions in freight planning, management and warehousing solutions for efficient and reliable transport services.



FourPL has provided a series of support services to Linfox in SAP Transportation Management (TM) and Event Management (EM). Initially we supported Linfox’s team in architecture and quality assurance services for the SAP implementation to ensure the solution definition met the business requirements. FourPL then provided TM/EM support services for the integration of Linfox’s transportation management solutions into two of Linfox’s customer operations which involved deployment across 25 sites in Australia.

Following these 2 successful implementations and rollout, FourPL assisted Linfox in the upgrade of their transportation management solution from TM9.1 SPOO to TM9.1 SPO3. This was followed by a consolidation across Linfox customers using TM, onto a single TM instance.

In each of the above projects, FourPL’s role was to support Linfox’s team in all phases of the project from design through build, testing and post go-live support.



The FourPL team provided support to Linfox throughout the lifecycle of these projects following the ASAP methodology across SAP TM, SAP Enterprise Resource Planning, SAP Event Management, SAP Process Integration and SAP Business Intelligence. Where necessary, we utilised our long term global partners and relationships to assist with skills in niche areas.



  • A consolidated platform for TM.
  • Improved and standardised the TM business processes.
  • Optimised transportation processes.
  • Effective monitoring of KPI’s for service.
  • Transparency into business processes through the use of EM.
  • Effective communication with subcontracting carriers.
  • Real-time tracking of goods movement for customer service.
  • Reduction in Linfox’s information systems costs.



  • Contract compliance for Linfox solution delivery to customer.
  • Delivery to timeline.
  • Cultural fit – FourPL and Linfox align well.
  • Location of skills in Australia and solution offering.
  • Global reach for key skills – FourPL worked with our partners to deliver skills not available in Australia whilst retaining accountability.



  • Independence – we provide honest, pragmatic advice.
  • Experience in SAP TM and EM solutions.
  • Our long term relationship with Linfox’s team.
  • Trust and flexible engagement model to support a long term relationship.
  • Our global relationships that enable access to critical skills not available locally in Australia.


FourPL contact for more information:

Brett Findlay – Chief Executive Officer, FourPL
+61 424 154 012