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FourPL conducted a thorough review of our systems, delivered a viable strategy and presented a robust business case to the board.”  – Stephen Hogg, CFO, Border Express.

Our Advisory Services

At FourPL, we understand that no two businesses are the same, which is why no ICT strategy should be either. Our approach to offering an expert advisory service is simple: highly pragmatic in nature and tailored to your unique business requirements. Our advisory commitment is to:

We work with your organisation to understand and define the critical inter-dependencies of the business and supply chain risks along your full product journey.

Our focus is on delivering strategy-driven value to drive measurable improvements in the efficiency and effectiveness of our clients’ business and supply chain operations.

We are independent of systems and solutions so we can work with our clients to provide the best possible solution outcome for them.

We use established methodologies, the latest modelling and software tools, as well as practical IT and Supply Chain business experience to work through issues around competitiveness, cost-effectiveness, complexity and compliance.

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Our Advisory Team

Each have 25+ years of broad, cross-industry experience, both in strategic, transformational and operational roles.

Act as trusted advisors, working work closely with your organisation teams. Our team becomes an extension of your internal talent – additional bandwidth.

Have a proven track record in leading IT Roadmap and strategic supply chain improvement programs; designing business, IT and strategic supply chain performance management strategies; IT strategic advisory, supply chain advisory to senior executives and managing significant change programs and benefits realisation.

Have wide industry knowledge around IT solutions and architecture. Have deep domain knowledge around Supply Chain and Business Spend Management.

A Practical and Methodical Approach

FourPL applies a methodical approach for developing systems strategy, technology roadmaps and business cases. While in engagements we will always follow the prescribed method and approach of the client, the methodology is then used to fill gaps in process or approach and ensure a consistent realisation of the project outcomes.

Read more on our Practical and Methodical Approach

This approach has matured to the point where some of FourPL’s engagements are to provide coaching services and methodology content to enable the customer’s internal team to deliver the systems strategy, roadmap and business case. A recent example of this approach is Essential Energy in Sydney where FourPL completed a refreshed Systems Strategy and IT Roadmap. We also participated in a number of external market scans. The outcome of these market scans helped to form the basis for the Technology Roadmap.

Read more how FourPl helped our client – Case Study

Stages of Your Program of Work

Our services are designed to help you with the following stages of a program of work:








In the Shape stage, we ask the questions:

Where do you want to be?

How are you going to get there?

This is done through conducting workshops, brainstorming sessions, design thinking, and interviews. Once the vision has been decided, we will work with you to develop quantifiable and realistic goals that will allow you to achieve your overarching objective in an efficient and cost-effective manner. As part of the goal implementation phase, we will assess all options and dependencies and develop a roadmap to transition from the current systems and present the business case for initiating the new systems strategy.

We get your business ready for change. We understand what benefits are being delivered, when they are realised and how they are linked to any planned projects, changes or initiatives. We provide support through developing or updating Enterprise Architecture artefacts (Application, Process and Capability Models), agree on Project Management Processes, Delivery Methods and Standards, Project Portfolio Governance, and update Business Capabilities.


The ‘buying’ phase is largely concerned with evaluating market engagement and readiness and sourcing the required services. FourPL can help you with your procurement of innovative software products and packaged services for our Customers. We do this through assisting you with your tender requirements and development, tender evaluation as well as contract and vendor management.  See case studies on how we have helped our customers.

Develop, support or run tenders for required solutions/tools

Manage the evaluation and contract finalisation and negotiation

Establish vendor management

Assist with procurement plans


During the implementation phase, we offer support and assistance to ensure software is implemented correctly. FourPL can help you with establishing your program offices, governance structures and reporting. We can also help you with your facilitation of process mapping and design. We implement systems across multiple technologies including Spend Management (Ariba, Coupa), Logistics Execution (SAP, BlueYonder, Blujay), Supply Chain Visibility (FarEye, Radaro)

Solution advisory & governance


Coaching & architectural review

Configuration, integration, testing & deployment


FourPL can also provide project support services which include:

End User Support

Application Management and Support for Spend Management, Logistics Execution and Supply Chain Visibility Applications

Benefit Tracking

Upgrade and Release Management

Training and Education

Supplier Enablement

Carrier Enablement


FourPL can also provide services in the operate stage which include

Business Support

Operational Analytics

Transport Planning

Supplier Enablement

Sourcing Support Service

PMO as a Service

On Demand CIO Service

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