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Supply Chain Visibility

Is your Supply Chain looking at ways to improve visibility?

Due to a number of changes in the market, accelerated by COVID-19, more emphasis has been put on Supply Chain Visibility and Data Quality. Supply Chain Visibility (SCV) has become a top priority for many companies with end-to-end visibility improving revenue and reducing costs, while allowing for better management of disruption, complexity, competition and growing customer expectation.

What Is Supply Chain Visibility?

Supply chain visibility is the ability to track raw materials and components from original suppliers and manufacturers through the organization’s manufacturing facilities to customers. For retail operations, this definition extends to include tracking goods from suppliers through to end customers.

The key feature of a high visibility supply chain is an ability for a organisation to establish, at a glance, the overall status of all elements of the supply chain together with the ability to dig down to get more details.. Being able to respond to unplanned supply chain disruptions,  knowing where suppliers are located, awareness of critical dependencies in your extended supply chain and real-time trackability are some of the key factors of a high visibility supply chain.

FourPL’s Supply Chain Visibility (SCV) Service

FourPL’s deep understanding of SCV ensures that your organisation will realise its full benefits within the context of your strategic objectives. We apply over 30 years of business and  supply chain expertise to help you identify SCV’s potential in your organisation, down from creation to execution. We work with a number of global leading edge technology solution providers to help you find the best solution fit for your organisation.

FourPL’s Supply Chain Visibility Service focuses on solving supply chain operational visibility puzzles for customers. Our expertise includes:

Real Time Transport Visibility Platforms

Last Mile Visibility Apps and Platforms

Extended Supply Chain Visibility

Inventory Visibility and Availability

Demand Visibility

Performance Visibility

Supply Chain Risk Management

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