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Introducing Ceran Nilsen

Splatt Lawyers Racing is pleased to welcome Ceran Nilsen into our 2019 squad!

Ceran’s 32 ( but who’s counting? Ed – I am! Oh to be that young again 😀 ) and is devoted Mum to 9 year old Thor.

Ceran has only been cycling for two years, however once she mastered the art of clipping in/out with cleated shoes has since taken the Brisbane cycling scene by storm with a never-say-die attitude combined with a wicked sprint to boot. Despite this early success, Ceran reckons she’s still growing into the sport. Says Ceran, “I’m still learning too.. like what is a puncheur?” (Ed: we don’t know either!)

Professionally, Ceran works with elite athletes in the areas of wellbeing, education and transition – eg retirement from elite sport and into everyday living. Passionate about her role, Ceran draws inspiration from her network of athletes and sports lovers.

Ceran appreciates the many facets of cycling. She says, “riding is freedom and so diverse. Whether it’s riding in a bunchie with mates, getting the blood pumping on the track or nailing a big road climb, riding a bike challenges and unites us all in some way.”

A former kick boxer, Ceran shares that cycling is the only sport she’s done that really required her to dig deep and release that “inner mongrel”. “I joined Splatt Lawyers Racing because I get to ride with some of my favourite people – we encourage and support each other to be the best we can be.”

For Ceran, an awesome cycling and gastronomic experience would be a decent training session followed by a plate of marinated olives, hummus, grilled haloumi and Greek lamb. Followed by a tootle home on her Cannondale Super Six Evo (Di2 naturally!) carrying both herself and her Greek food baby.

One of Ceran’s favourite quotes (and what she tells her son) is “try, try again because life is for living”.

Welcome Ceran!