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Introducing Fiona Porteous

We would like to welcome Fiona Porteous to the 2019 team line up!

Peanut butter loving Fiona has always been a little on the competitive side. Growing up, she was involved in hockey and athletics, competing at up to state level. She’s also pretty handy with mountain biking, competing in the sport during her late 20s when she lived in Northern Queensland.

Fiona (Fi), an accredited exercise physiologist, has worked in the health and fitness industry for close to 15 years and has always been committed to strength training in the gym. However, she wanted to find a form of cardiovascular exercise that didn’t involve going bush with her mountain bike. A friend suggested road cycling, and it was love at first “bike”. (“Errr….sight”- Ed)

Fi reports loving the thrill of the speed and intensity and felt like road cycling was right up her alley. And indeed it has been. Deciding to get more serious and engaging a coach, Fi has chalked up some impressive results, winning the oh so tough Metros road race in 2018, as well as coming 2nd in the State Road Racing championships. Fi is quickly moving up the grades and is aiming to achieve A grade in 2019.

“I remember my first crit race – I was so nervous but at the same time, I was loving every second of it.”

Fi is looking forward to racing alongside her fellow Splatt Lawyers teammates in 2019 – “I love being with my fellow team mates. We always have a lot of fun,” says Fi.

We’re looking forward to being with you every step of the way, Fi! Welcome!