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Meet Imogen Alton


FourPL asked Imogen some questions to give us some insight into cycling and what inspires her.


  • How did you first get into riding?

I had a break from rowing at an elite level as I was recovering from RED-S (Reduced Energy Deficit in Sport). One of my friends who used to row in the same club and squad as me quit around the same time. He had I use to ride our bikes together for cross-training in rowing when everyone else would do watt-bikes. He started riding with a University cycling group and suggested I come along as everyone was lovely. I started riding casually, genuinely meeting with everyone then riding to coffee and calling it a day. I eventually stopped rowing started riding a bit more, and then started racing.


  • Why do you like road racing in general?

I choose the road as I wouldn’t dare go on a velodrome (indoor). I am so uncoordinated it is not funny.


  • Why The Women’s Racing Project?

The core values that founded this team are in line with mine. I am passionate about supporting those around me to be the best that they can be, and simply put, that’s what the WRP is.


  • About how many days a week do you ride your bike?

Normally 5-6days a week anywhere between 12-18hrs.  I also do gym and other things too though


  • If you could cycle any route in the world tomorrow, where would you go?

The Tour Aotearoa in New Zealand.


  • What advice would you give women who want to start racing?

Honestly just give it a crack. There is absolutely nothing to be scared or worried about. Just don’t ride recklessly.

Questions a Non-Cyclists should not ask about Cycling…(by a non-cyclist who’s not very sympathetic to cycling …it’s not their fault they don’t realise how amazing cycling is, yet!)


  • Do you ever wish you were rather in that car overtaking you?

Probably yeah. Especially if the road is bad quality, it’s really hot, it’s raining, or I am bonking hard and am in desperate need of a pastry but without bakery in sight.


  • Don’t you get bored of riding for hours?

I can sit on a trainer for 4 hours and stare at a wall with no music; that is boring. Definitely don’t get bored riding outside – there is too much beautiful scenery to see!


  • Lyrca? Are you serious? It is really necessary?

It’s the most comfortable clothing you can wear on a bike. Try and ride a bike in leggings and a top for 4 hour and you’re going to have a bad time. Lycra stays in place so when you move you don’t have rubbing…

(google saddle sores)

Wearing tight clothing (like lycra) reduces drag when you ride (you go faster = good cause I’m on a racing team! ),


  • Do you really need more than one bike?

Some cars are built for certain “terrains”. You wouldn’t take a VW Polo off-road would you? It’s not safe, or comfortable. Depending what you’re doing, bikes are the same. I wouldn’t take a road bike mountain biking, it’s not safe or comfortable. I would also rather ride a road bike than a mountain bike on the road as it’s more comfortable (and I go faster >:-) ). Depending on the situation, that is, when and how you’re using the bike, some bikes are more appropriate/comfortable/faster than others, and therefore, better options. SO yes I do.
The simple rule of bike purchases is n+1


  • Isn’t it uncomfortable sitting on that saddle?

Depends on the saddle, depends on the attire you’re wearing (go to lycra question).
After I had my bike-fit at Studio De Velo my butt has never been more comfy on my bike

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