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Meet Mackenzie Voss


FourPL asked Mackenzie some questions to give us some insight into cycling and what inspires her.


  • How did you first get into riding?

I first started riding following 7 years of triathlon as a junior triathlete. I worked out that I was a terrific triathlete…………….. if not for the swim and the run so I ditched those two legs and decided to focus on cycling.


  • Why do you like road racing in general?

I like the concept of road racing because it combines all 3 areas of speed, strength and endurance in a race where you can still be first over the line without being the fasted, the strongest or the fittest, because tactics are a big part of the race.


  • Why The Women’s Racing Project?

The Women’s Racing Project is a new team for me but I feel very comfortable with the atmosphere and agenda of the program.


  • If you had to pick a favourite cycling moment, what would it be?

Making it to the top of the OBI OBI climb without stopping or walking the bike in the Sunny Coast Velothon.


  • The cycling competitions of the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo will feature 22 events. What is your favourite event to watch and why?

The Individual Time Trial because as Phil Liggett says……it is the “race of the truth”


  • What’s your advice for someone getting into cycling for the very first time?

Buy the most expensive “second hand” bike you can find. If you don’t buy the best bike up front you will be upgrading within 6 months. But dont buy a newbie, there are plenty of bargains to be had on good second hand bikes.


Questions a Non-Cyclists should not ask about Cycling…(by a non-cyclist who’s not very sympathetic to cycling …it’s not their fault they don’t realise how amazing cycling is, yet!)

  • Do you ever wish you were rather in that car overtaking you?

Never – I might do if I rode in the rain perhaps, but I am a “fair weather rider” so I don’t get hit by the storms.


  • Don’t you get bored of riding for hours?

I enjoy the long rides and on the Sunny Coast we have some beautiful safe roads with terrific scenery. I actually get more bored if Im with a group and they want to stop at a coffee shop.


  • Lyrca? Are you serious? It is really necessary?

Lycra Is it necessary? I don’t know, but it’s comfy.


  • Do you really need more than one bike?

There is no doubt one bike will never do. And the sign of a die-hard cyclist is the $8,000 bike on top of the roof of a $4,000 car!


  • Isn’t it uncomfortable sitting on that saddle?

Yes. If anybody is searching for the next million-dollar idea then they would find a fix for this problem.

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