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Meet Megan Williams

megan williams

FourPL asked Megan some questions to give us some insight into cycling and what inspires her.


  • How did you first get into riding?

When I was 10 my dad and brother were racing mountain bikes and I was forced to go along and watch. I found it really boring just standing around all day, so I decided to give it a go and started racing in the U11 category.


  • Why do you like road racing in general?

Going fast is fun, you get different racing dynamics based on the course, and there is nothing better than getting a breakaway 🙂


  • Why The Women’s Racing Project?

It is nice to ride for a local, friendly team with a shared enjoyment of riding bikes. Bonus – the kit is cool.


  • If you had to pick a favourite cycling moment, what would it be?

Favourite moment would have been at the Mountain Biking World Cup in Snowshoe West Virginia last September. It was an awesome spectator course so there were people shouting and ringing cow bells at you the entire lap.


  • What is the funkiest bit of kit you own?

I own a bright silver waterproof reflective jacket with removeable sleeves. I’ve been told it makes me look like a rapper.


  • If you could cycle any route in the world tomorrow, where would you go?

Back to the Ladybower Reservoir Loop in the Peak District, Derbyshire. It was windy and cold the last time I rode it, but the views were gorgeous!

Questions a Non-Cyclists should not ask about Cycling…(by a non-cyclist who’s not very sympathetic to cycling …it’s not their fault they don’t realise how amazing cycling is, yet!)


  • Do you ever wish you were rather in that car overtaking you?

No, it’s nice doing exercise in the fresh air before a good cup of coffee.


  • Don’t you get bored of riding for hours?

On solo rides in the bush without structured efforts I’m saved by Spotify, so not usually.


  • Lyrca? Are you serious? It is really necessary?

Absolutely, without it we’d be tucking our trousers into our socks.


  • Do you really need more than one bike?

Yes, it’s scientifically proven you can never have enough bikes.


  • Isn’t it uncomfortable sitting on that saddle?

Not with a decent pair of cycle shorts and a good set up.

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