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Coupa Release 32 Highlights

Coupa Release 32 Highlights

Coupa Release 32 (R32) has started dropping into customer testing environments this week, so we wanted to share some key highlights with you.

Highlights of Coupa R32:

  • A new refreshed design and Search Experience across the platform. This means that the Coupa header now has a white background, includes the search widget across all pages you visit, and a repositioned ‘Write a Request’ button in the upper-left corner of the home page. Coupa’s search engine has been expanded to include contracts, supplier records and sourcing events.
  • Another significant change associated with the refreshed design is related to Contracts. At-a-glance, the new contract banner summarizes the basic information of the contract such as contract name, supplier and contract owner and the banner makes it easy to see what stage the contract is at in its lifecycle. Contract information is now split into three (3) primary tabs all in editable sections.
  • Finally, Supplier Information Management has 6 new features in this release. One of the notable benefits to customers who use SIM is the new SIM Onboarding Visibility. When used with Dynamic Form mapping the Onboarding Progress window allows users to review information about the supplier’s onboarding progress, such as last updates dates and links to forms.

How to Stay Ahead with Coupa R32

As these updates are being introduced, we offer a service to walk you and your team through the new features of the Coupa Release to identify what’s relevant for your business and provide testing support.

If you’d like to see if FourPL can be of any assistance with your Coupa instance, please email us via

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