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Coupa Release 35 Highlights

Coupa Release 35 Highlights

Coupa Release 35 (R35) is the first major release upgrade for 2023 and is now available in customer Sandbox environments, with Production availability across 3 dates: 16-Dec-2022, 6-Jan-2023 and 3-Feb-2023. This release includes a redesign of the homepage and a new guided experience for users.

Initial Highlights of Coupa R35:

  • User Reassignment:

Now available for ordered and approved requisitions, so long as orders are not cancelled or fully closed.

  • Submission Blockers for Supplier Submitted Invoices:

Block CSP or SAN submitted invoices based on specific conditions defined in an invoice approval chain by providing a message to guide the supplier to successfully re-submit their invoice.

  • Expenses Receipt Upload Enhancement:

The improved experience saves time and effort when uploading and adding receipts to expense lines, making them easier to view and manage.

How to Stay Ahead with Coupa R35

As these updates are being introduced, we offer a service to walk you and your team through the new features of the Coupa Release to identify what’s relevant for your business and provide testing support.

If you’d like to see if FourPL can be of any assistance with your Coupa instance, please email us via

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