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Coupa Release 37 Highlights

Coupa Release 37 Highlights

Coupa Software Release 37 is here and now available in some customer environments! We highlighted our team’s top most important updates from this latest release.

Reach out to FourPL – Supply Chain Specialists today if you’d like to understand how Release 37 impacts your Coupa environment:

Initial Highlights of Coupa R37:

Coupa R37 is the second major release upgrade for customers this year. Production upgrade dates are the 25th August and 1st and 15th September 2023.

This release includes a change to the Guided Experience feature, further enhancements to the platform look and feel, and updates for the supplier in their CSP accounts, to name a few.

In this release, the FourPL Team feature highlights are:

Guided Requests Enhancements – Guided Experience has been renamed to Guided Requests and admins now can create customized guided request pages for users. Coupa has also removed the requirement that Guided Requests become mandatory with the September 2023 release. Customers can choose to opt out

Custom Field Defaulting – Allows for a more seamless workflow between REQ and Sourcing and Contracts and Sourcing Events or when creating a sourcing event from a contract or requisition (or vice versa).

Next Gen Form Experience – Introduced in R36.3 as an update, this new “next gen” form experience updated the look and feel of forms to improve user comprehension and better align with Coupa’s Guided Experience.

Improved Contract Approval Notifications – Users in the approval chain are only notified when it is their turn to review and approve the contract. The email includes the name of the contract and other key information, along with buttons to Approve, Reject, or View the contract directly from the email.

How to Stay Ahead with Coupa R37

As these updates are being introduced, we offer a service to walk you and your team through the new features of the Coupa Release to identify what’s relevant for your business and provide testing support.

If you’d like to see if FourPL can be of any assistance with your Coupa instance, please email us via

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