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FourPL Announces New Advisory Service

FourPL Announces New Advisory Service

FourPL Announces New Advisory Service

Published on 2 Dec 2022

Today, FourPL are pleased to announce a new advisory service: “Sourcing as a Service”. Sourcing as a Service provides our customers and partners with a set of proven capabilities, supported by our experienced team underpinned by verified tools and methods.  

FourPL are able to lead an end-to-end sourcing process, assist with internal reviews, stand up new Source to Pay organisations, execute vendor assessments and selections, or simply provide experienced team members who can augment a key customer team to deliver sourcing and contract management outcomes.  

As a local Australian Supply Chain solution specialist, FourPL are domain experts in Spend Management, Logistics Execution and Supply Chain Visibility. In our 11 years of operation, we have successfully worked with over 60 local customers and delivered over 800 projects.  

Our key company purpose is to solve supply chain puzzles, and one frequently asked is Sourcing.  

According to SIMFONI: “Sourcing in procurement is defined as a process to find, evaluate, and engage suppliers based on set criteria to achieve cost savings and best value for goods and services at a price point and terms that give the required margin to positively affect the company’s bottom line. The sourcing process is carried out using a tendering process and is applied at tactical and strategic levels with the intent to create distinctive value by finding the most appropriate suppliers at the lowest cost to gain a competitive advantage.”  

As our Advisory service line is where the majority of our new customer projects start, we have listened and created a service that can help you deliver tangible outcomes in a timely and cost-effective manner.  

If you believe we can help, start the conversation today by emailing us at We look forward to working with you and your team. 

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