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Benefits of Operational Emphasis

Benefits of Operational Emphasis

Clear Deliverables and Scope

Improved Efficiency

Operational Ownership

Clear Deliverables & Project Scope

Putting operations first and analysing the business’s unique and complex processes with the in-depth knowledge of these operational stakeholders will drive the project scope and set clear deliverables.


FourPL can help you translate this knowledge to the project scope statements and assist the project team in becoming fully aware of the opportunities the functionality of SAP EWM can bring to the existing business. An Operational focus will also help eliminate the possibility of the project being led solely by the application’s functionality.



Improved Efficiency

Improved efficiency and controlling the warehouse operating costs are typical drivers behind implementing a new WMS system.


To understand whether you have achieved this, you first need to harness and enhance your understanding of how you currently operate. Measuring and quantifying the areas you want to improve helps your operations team convey the blueprints to synchronise the system functionality in support of these targets.


Empowering your operations with the system knowledge, specifically, how the functionality will address and meet their operational needs, will accelerate adoption and the time to realise the goals of your overall implementation.



Operational Ownership

The operations team lives and breathes the day-to-day challenges that each day brings. They make it happen and therefore hold an invaluable awareness of what is required to succeed. Translating this awareness to a system’s technologist can be frustrating for both parties, often leading to miscommunications, avoidance or blame, and reliance on generic industry or technology best practices without genuinely understanding whether-to or how-to tailor processes.


The benefits of having a closely aligned project team that brings operations and the system experts together throughout the implementation project phases are known to drive better outcomes while enhancing the ownership and uptake of the new system. This collaboration turns into shorter troubleshooting cycles, faster adoption rates, greater utilisation of the systems’ functionality, and an engaged workforce working towards exceeding expectations.

About FourPL

We have a proven history of working collaboratively with organisations and their teams to deliver the best possible outcome during each engagement. At FourPL, we value the experience operation teams bring to an SAP EWM Implementation project. We can enhance this with a tailored mix of SAP EWM experts, specialised operational personnel, technology strategist and WMS implementation know-how to create an inclusive implementation project environment that will translate the combined knowledge to your advantage.

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