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#TechDiversity Awards Gala Dinner: 27th of September 2018

#TechDiversity Awards Gala Dinner: 27th of September 2018

As proud sponsors of the annual #TechDiversity Awards, we hope to see you at the Gala Dinner on the 27th of September – a showcase of what has been achieved across the sectors in building diversity and inclusion this past year.

The guest speaker is George McEncroe, who will talk about her mission to create a ride-sharing experience that makes women and young girls feel safe. She is the founder of Shebah, an all-female network of drivers and passengers.

The music interlude with a diversity difference is by Francesca Lachman – born blind. She was also born for music. Her genius also extends to listening to whole performances in any music style with full recall of each note.

Make sure you block out the evening of the 27th of September at the Atlantic in Docklands, Melbourne. Ticket sales are open – buy your tickets to support diversity.

As proud sponsors of the #TechDiversity Awards, FourPL hope to promote and strengthen diversity in the technology industry and are excited that we can continue to contribute to building a solid platform towards diversity in our business, the technology industry and our community.  

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